Rock ‘n’ Nature “Rock with Acoustics”

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It’s early summer, and the breeze is just right.  Sunday sunshine is shining, so you decide to call over a few friends for Pinot Grigio in the sun.  You pull out your favorite tablecloth, simple white dishes, a few accessories from the house, and then you pick some daisies off a branch.  After placing it pleasantly, you grab some napkins, flatware and your best tea set.  Wanting to sail away, you fold your napkins into a wave and place them where the pool of wine will go.  Everything you got in your house just made the perfect afternoon.

The Rock ‘n’ Nature style is for those who love to relax and soak in earth’s good vibes.  Looking for the best way to use green materials is enhancing the positive energy that nature innately brings.  Indulge in the purity of mother earth and the sounds of a guitar.  Feel refreshed.

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Thank you Joel Jirananda for taking these vibrant photos and catching the perfect ambiance.


Pop Rocks “Tic Toc ‘Till the Clock Stops”

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When I think of Pop culture, I think of vibrant colors, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be portrayed with hot pink and hot green as it was in the 80’s.  If color is what you are looking for, you can choose a theme that uses color elegantly.  I’ve chosen a Hawaiian theme to represent a fun way to incorporate color.  By using a palm tree frond as the basis for my florals, any color from the rainbow can be combined, and it will only add to the vigor of the party.  Plan your Pop Rocks event around the meaning of colors.

The Meaning of Colors

Red: love, desire, passion, erotic, power, rage, courage

Orange/Gold: enthusiasm, fascination, creativity, happiness, success, attraction, determination, prestige, illumination, wisdom, wealth

Yellow: sunshine, joy, happiness, intellect, energy, honor, loyalty

Green: nature, growth, harmony, fresh, fertile, safety, protection, healing, restful, stable, endurance, ambition, peace

Blue: trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, heaven, depth, stability, tranquility, sincerity, precision, expertise, healing, integrity, power

Purple: romantic, nostalgic, royalty, nobility, luxury, ambition, extravagance, wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, magic

White: beginning, goodness, innocence, purity, virginity, perfection, simplicity, safety

Black: power, elegance, formality, death, mystery, authority, prestige, aggressive

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By Design Photo and Bridal Collection

Rockarilla “Hip Hop Guerrillas”

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What is more welcoming than a sign from the hosts telling you to grab a drink that is laid out right in front of you while you sign in?  You feel right at home because your hosts have just set you up in a sweet situation.  It’s always important for me to do this for my guests at parties, and you can do this without having to be present.  Some simple directional messages to your guests will get the party going in no time.

There can be a fine line when it comes to music genre when you have a rock star sing in rap or vice versa.  This can apply in design as well.  For my backdrop, I went with a deep red and black damask velvet print, which I could imagine in a Rock Onyx style event.  However, with a bold accent color of gold, I have transformed it into a sheik hip-hop setting.  My presumptuous gold centerpiece speaks for itself.  Even adding gold to the glasses adds a little twist of “blingin” urban culture.  When choosing the featured beverage for the night, keep in mind the theme of the party.  To complement hip boldness, I have chosen a special cocktail and a bold Bourbon alternative to warm my guests.  To sign in, a red “John Hancock” book invites you to give your signature.  It’s clever and hip, which is what the Rockarilla style is all about.

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Thank you Jesse Viray for taking these vivacious photos.

Rock Onyx “Rock On”

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This tabletop was designed specifically as a dedication to my friend Mickie Jones, who was the bassist for the classic glam rock band Angel.  Mickie is no longer with us in the physical realm, but he will forever remain in music history.

Mickie Jones

Angel was not your average rock band.  They were originally discovered by Gene Simmons (KISS), whom like Mickie played the bass.  Angel’s public image was intentionally created to contrast KISS.  They wore white flamboyant outfits at every show with flowing wings “larger than God’s.” Their skin-tight suits and untouchable beautiful long hair made a powerful fashion statement, and their stage presence was larger than life.

I chose to fall away from the typical rock style that encompasses black and the dark side of death for this specific dedication.   With what seems to resemble heaven’s light shining from above, I put together a simple tabletop that would compliment fabulously dressed guests as Angel always was.  Having seen Mickie wear snake-skin boots, I chose snake-skin fabric for the tablecloth to personalize the design.  Silver dinnerware keeps my design masculine, and tall glasses make beer the chosen beverage for the night. In honoring Angel, I could not forget white wings for the chairs that when seated, makes my guests resemble picture perfect angels.  Lastly, a sentiment in a frame reads, “In Memory of Rock Angel Mickie Jones.”  Rock Onyx is created for all of those who rock on the music they love.

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Thank you Jesse Viray for taking these heavenly photos.

Jazz Rhapsody “Straight Ahead”

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As I listen to Louie Armstrong play Edith Piaf’s La Vie en Rose, I see flapper girls walking to the restroom at the back of the bar in their two-inch heels, shorter than the conventional Victorian skirts, a netted veil across their face and a long pearl necklace around their neck.

In the 1920’s, people wanted modern, so they flew away from old Victorian style and dove right into the new Roaring 20’s.  Nobody could do it better than Coco Chanel.  Chanel arose from the fashion scene with her stylish cloche hats and led the way in the modern fashion movement with her luxe casual jerseys.  After Chanel was asked why she did not marry the Duke of Westminster or anyone for that matter, she answered with a proclamation that is a representation of the era.  “There have been several Duchesses of Westminster. There is only one Chanel.”  And so it remains, there have been many fashion statements, but only one speaks louder than time. “Modern” is timeless, and that’s the statement 1920’s jazz culture has imprinted into history and forever.

I improvised a table design that might just match a party of their time by drawing from 1920’s women’s fashion.  In my design work, I try to always make parts useful as well as look nice.  Since we live in a new millennium, the current fashion does not exactly match that of the 20’s.  So, I kept in mind that if we were to have a 20’s jazz soiree today, it would require some fashionable props.

Bronze fabric with black outlined florals dresses the table.  Classy white China balances the fancy cloth as not to take away from the nostalgic fabric print.  Adding to the ambiance, velvety Cockscomb is embraced for the centerpiece with simple babies breath and accents of Ammobium in separate mini vases.  Cockscomb looks amazing even when dried, which is what I chose to add an antique as well as “green” touch to the tabletop.  As women would often carry a feathered fan in the 20’s, I incorporated the traditional fan napkin fold.  As my party favors, I could not go without fashionable props that women could wear to supplement the event with appropriately dressed guests.  Netted veils with a splash of vibrant turquoise sequence for the ladies face lay gently over the napkin along with classic pearl necklaces that fill the champagne glasses, and the men are given cigars to smoke right at the table.  The essentials of the design include a breathtaking sterling silver tea set and peacock feathers for looks.

“The Roaring 20’s symbolized an age anxious to enjoy itself, anxious to forget the past, anxious to ignore the future.” (from Jacques Chastenet, “Europe in the Twenties” in  Purnell’s History of the Twentieth Century)

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Thank you Jesse Viray for taking these timeless photos.

Thank you Shannon for being my beautiful model.

Thank you Jill for the elegant make-up and bringing my party favor to life.

The Five Rock ‘n’ Rhapsody Styles

As you can see, the subtitle of my blog title states, “Ecstatic Expression of Improvisation.”  This is how I feel when I work, and this is also why I feel that anything can be created into something beautiful; and not just in event planning, but life itself.

The art of Jazz music is amazing because it is like freedom of speech, and the ultimate form of magical improvisation.  Improvisation is taking whatever materials are readily available and arranging something from the purist part of the mind in the heat of the moment.  My appreciation of Jazz has innately brought a “go with the flow” attitude into my own life, which I have gratefully applied to my work.

My love for music has led me to build my company around musical styles, which I would like to further explain in the next few posts.  Before I begin, I would like to say that my company is not confined to these styles, and anyone can request a completely different design.  The reason why I chose to focus on musical styles is because every event requires music, and it is the one most important aspect of creating a desired ambiance.  So when a client chooses a musical style, I immediately know a little about them to get started on planning a personalized event for them.  The genre of music is my way of understanding what drives a person on the inside to create what they want on the outside.

The Rock ‘n’ Rhapsody Styles are:

Rock ‘n’ Nature “Rock with Acoustics”

Pop Rocks “Tic Toc ‘Till the Clock Stops”

Rockarilla “Hip Hop Gorillas”

Rock Onyx “Rock On It”

Jazz Rhapsody “Straight Ahead”

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