Rock ‘n’ Nature “Rock with Acoustics”

Listen as you read!

It’s early summer, and the breeze is just right.  Sunday sunshine is shining, so you decide to call over a few friends for Pinot Grigio in the sun.  You pull out your favorite tablecloth, simple white dishes, a few accessories from the house, and then you pick some daisies off a branch.  After placing it pleasantly, you grab some napkins, flatware and your best tea set.  Wanting to sail away, you fold your napkins into a wave and place them where the pool of wine will go.  Everything you got in your house just made the perfect afternoon.

The Rock ‘n’ Nature style is for those who love to relax and soak in earth’s good vibes.  Looking for the best way to use green materials is enhancing the positive energy that nature innately brings.  Indulge in the purity of mother earth and the sounds of a guitar.  Feel refreshed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you Joel Jirananda for taking these vibrant photos and catching the perfect ambiance.


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