Rockarilla “Hip Hop Guerrillas”

Listen as you read!

What is more welcoming than a sign from the hosts telling you to grab a drink that is laid out right in front of you while you sign in?  You feel right at home because your hosts have just set you up in a sweet situation.  It’s always important for me to do this for my guests at parties, and you can do this without having to be present.  Some simple directional messages to your guests will get the party going in no time.

There can be a fine line when it comes to music genre when you have a rock star sing in rap or vice versa.  This can apply in design as well.  For my backdrop, I went with a deep red and black damask velvet print, which I could imagine in a Rock Onyx style event.  However, with a bold accent color of gold, I have transformed it into a sheik hip-hop setting.  My presumptuous gold centerpiece speaks for itself.  Even adding gold to the glasses adds a little twist of “blingin” urban culture.  When choosing the featured beverage for the night, keep in mind the theme of the party.  To complement hip boldness, I have chosen a special cocktail and a bold Bourbon alternative to warm my guests.  To sign in, a red “John Hancock” book invites you to give your signature.  It’s clever and hip, which is what the Rockarilla style is all about.

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Thank you Jesse Viray for taking these vivacious photos.


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