Rock Onyx “Rock On”

Listen as you read!

This tabletop was designed specifically as a dedication to my friend Mickie Jones, who was the bassist for the classic glam rock band Angel.  Mickie is no longer with us in the physical realm, but he will forever remain in music history.

Mickie Jones

Angel was not your average rock band.  They were originally discovered by Gene Simmons (KISS), whom like Mickie played the bass.  Angel’s public image was intentionally created to contrast KISS.  They wore white flamboyant outfits at every show with flowing wings “larger than God’s.” Their skin-tight suits and untouchable beautiful long hair made a powerful fashion statement, and their stage presence was larger than life.

I chose to fall away from the typical rock style that encompasses black and the dark side of death for this specific dedication.   With what seems to resemble heaven’s light shining from above, I put together a simple tabletop that would compliment fabulously dressed guests as Angel always was.  Having seen Mickie wear snake-skin boots, I chose snake-skin fabric for the tablecloth to personalize the design.  Silver dinnerware keeps my design masculine, and tall glasses make beer the chosen beverage for the night. In honoring Angel, I could not forget white wings for the chairs that when seated, makes my guests resemble picture perfect angels.  Lastly, a sentiment in a frame reads, “In Memory of Rock Angel Mickie Jones.”  Rock Onyx is created for all of those who rock on the music they love.

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Thank you Jesse Viray for taking these heavenly photos.


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