Desiree & Claudell Gapultos Westlake Village Inn Wedding

Desiree and Claudell were both very involved in every step of the way of their big day.  Surprisingly, it was Claudell that was adamant on having purple be their main color!  And a great job they did on designing every aspect of their wedding.  Casual elegance couldn’t have made Desiree and Claudell more happy.  It was a perfect night for the beautiful newlyweds.

Desiree and Claudell took me on as their day of director and so kindly put all their trust in me to conduct a smooth and eventful night.  Desiree had an all around wonderful group of vendors that made the day enjoyable for everyone.  It was an honor to be there for them, and I made absolute sure to get every detail in place.

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Erich Chen Photography

Thank you for everything that you did for us on the day of our wedding. Everything went so smoothly and our evening was so much fun.  We appreciate your attention to detail, thoughtful consideration of decor, day of organization and ability to multi-task and be in different places at the same time!  I especially remember how you were always up and putting everything away, and how I just gave you everything and poof! Everything came to life!

Des and Claudell


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