The Five Rock ‘n’ Rhapsody Styles

As you can see, the subtitle of my blog title states, “Ecstatic Expression of Improvisation.”  This is how I feel when I work, and this is also why I feel that anything can be created into something beautiful; and not just in event planning, but life itself.

The art of Jazz music is amazing because it is like freedom of speech, and the ultimate form of magical improvisation.  Improvisation is taking whatever materials are readily available and arranging something from the purist part of the mind in the heat of the moment.  My appreciation of Jazz has innately brought a “go with the flow” attitude into my own life, which I have gratefully applied to my work.

My love for music has led me to build my company around musical styles, which I would like to further explain in the next few posts.  Before I begin, I would like to say that my company is not confined to these styles, and anyone can request a completely different design.  The reason why I chose to focus on musical styles is because every event requires music, and it is the one most important aspect of creating a desired ambiance.  So when a client chooses a musical style, I immediately know a little about them to get started on planning a personalized event for them.  The genre of music is my way of understanding what drives a person on the inside to create what they want on the outside.

The Rock ‘n’ Rhapsody Styles are:

Rock ‘n’ Nature “Rock with Acoustics”

Pop Rocks “Tic Toc ‘Till the Clock Stops”

Rockarilla “Hip Hop Gorillas”

Rock Onyx “Rock On It”

Jazz Rhapsody “Straight Ahead”


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