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Memories are stories that ride through the grapevine as a way to remember special events in our lives.  With a drop of a hairpin, moments are lost, but together, we can create memorable stories for any special occasion.

Alleviate the stress of party planning with Indulge in Memories, a certified event planning company that will provide the utmost caliber of elegance for your special needs.  Please choose from our unique options, and find satisfaction in the attention and consideration for every detail of your event.  You will also receive a free exclusive IIM event planning binder and box of your style choice when you engage in our services.  We welcome you to contact us at your convenience and begin to customize your dream affair!

Indulge in Memories is a full service event company.  We are here to help you with almost everything having to do with an event.  There is a process in creating your dream affair.  Our services are described below.

Visit our website!  indulgeinmemories.com.

Design and Floral Arrangements

This aspect of event planning is the motivation to our work.  Designing a wedding or an event catered to your personality is the only way to creating something new, edgy and elegant at the same time.  That’s why, we invite you to take us up on a free consultation where we can get to know your likes and dislikes and help you discover fresh ideas for your vision.

Planning the Details

A thorough blueprint is needed for every successful wedding or event and requires a whole lot of thinking.  As you know, any and all events encompass an overwhelming amount of details from small mint leaves that go into your beverages to large canopies that need to be rented for comfort and shade.  At the same time, you want to stay within a reasonable budget.  With our preferred vendors, we will be able to offer better prices than if you were to go out and randomly choose businesses.  We will also be sure not to miss any detail, so that your event day goes exactly the way you envisioned it.

Coordinating the Plan

After we have agreed upon a solid blueprint for the wedding or event, we can begin putting things together.  This is the most laborious and time-consuming part of the job, but it’s also fun because we get to go shopping!  Every aspect will require a process like folding napkins, putting together party favors, arranging flowers, setting up tables etc.  If you have a full plan, the instructions for the details will already be written out, and all you have to do is follow them.  We can help expertly with this, so that you don’t have to worry about any of it!

Day of Directing

The day of the actual wedding or event can be the most stressful day.  It is also the most important day, which is why it is important to have a day of director to ensure your plans are set-up and carried out as you envisioned.  You didn’t plan your event a certain way just to have it go another way.  That’s why it is usually best to have the same designer, planner, coordinator and director because they will already know exactly what you want and what is going on.  The day of director will simply take away all your stress and allow you to have fun and spend time with all the guests you invited, as well as help you make sure your follow-up items are taken care of like getting your vendors paid or your thank you cards mailed out.  Just this service alone is well worth having the help.  Indulge in Memories loves to celebrate this special time in your life with you and bring it all to life.

Dance Choreography

Nowadays, clients want to show off their personality and their skills through music and dance.  It’s a fun, unique and special way to show your love to your fiancé or guests.  It’s also entertaining for everyone present.  What we do is we ask our client to choose a song that they love.  The song that is chosen already exudes personality and will be unique in itself.  Then we create a specialized dance for as many people as want to be included.  My favorite part and reason for offering this service is to create a bond between the wedding or event hosts/group.  The time spent in learning the dance develops personal relationships and an energy at the party that all guests will feed off from.

Live Entertainment

Indulge in Memories is featuring Dee Dee McNeil, a songwriter, poet, journalist, producer, playwright and especially a singing marvel with tremendous personality and  breathtaking vocals.  With her graceful style and nostalgic sentiment, she will create a surprisingly magical ambiance for any event!  If you are looking for class, look no further.

Ms. McNeil has performed in over a dozen countries worldwide, entertaining in Singapore, Shanghai, Indonesia, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, Argentina, Dubai  and Chili.  By special request, she sang for the King and Queen of Bangkok at the Oriental Hotel in Thailand.  As a Motown Records songwriter in her native Detroit, Michigan, several music giants have recorded her songs including Diana Ross & the Supremes, Gladys Knight & the Pips, David Ruffin, Edwin Star, The Four Tops, Nancy Wilson, Rita Marley, Kiki Dee, Jonah Jones, Side Effect, Rapper “Styles” and the original Rap group, The Watts Prophets, of which Ms. McNeil was a member.


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