“Put the monkeys on MY back!”

Event planners are sometimes underrated because it’s true that anyone can throw a party. The difference is to what caliber you want the party to be and how many monkeys, stress, you want hanging around.  As I have been told that I have many monkeys on my back, I can say that I enjoy the compliment!

That is probably what differentiates us event planners from you “life of the party” event goers.  My joy is in coordinating the many aspects of what goes on at an event.  I consider the growing monkey farm on my back as the biggest and best part of my job.

I understand how important it is to enable event hosts to socialize with their guests.  Without event hosts, there would be no party, and the guests are there because they want to hang out with who they know, the host!  It’s natural for event hosts to have a few monkeys, but as long as they’re friendly monkeys like George, the event will be a success.  A cool and calm host makes for a cool and fun party.

Don’t underestimate the investment in an event planner.  We can help in many areas and relieve much of the stress that comes in hopes for a successful party.  Ensure a good time and leave it up to a professional.  It’s worth it to enjoy the time with your friends and family in the moment and not let the monkeys steal these precious moments away.


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