Indulge in Memories Rock ‘n’ Rhapsody Events Blog Introduction

Hello to ladies and gentlemen all over the world!  My name is Jennifer, the creator of Indulge in Memories Rock ‘n’ Rhapsody Events. We are an event planning company that is dedicated to taking away the stress in the process of event planning.  As you get to know me and what my business is all about, you’ll continuously find unique ideas that set a benchmark for event design concepts.  Most times, you will hear me refer to my company as simply Indulge in Memories, IIM or Rock ‘n’ Rhapsody Events. So don’t get confused because it’s all the same thing.

In this blog, my goal is to share with you my ideas of how the many aspects of event planning come to life.  Most importantly, I would like to make this blog a forum in which you all feel free to come to me for event planning advice.  I welcome you to share your personalities with me and be a part of my journey.  Visit this blog often to find out more about how to take the little things in life and turn them into something meaningful and gorgeous.

A Message From Me

My love for life’s vast cultures has led me to appreciate characteristics from all aspects of life.  I believe anything can be transformed into beauty, and I have taken it to a level of event design.  I am motivated by uniqueness and understand that continuous creativity can only come from listening to my clients’ requests and desires.  Individuality is most important in my work.  I have and will always challenge myself to produce exceptional originality in everything I do.  And my desire to satisfy people’s intuition makes me enjoyable to work with.  Event planning can be challenging, but with an open mind, the task can be a magnificent experience.


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